Making the work work and be done in harmony, depends a lot on everything that is consistent with the work team, so it is the responsibility of the directors, CEOs and founders of companies that work in harmony to achieve success.

1.- Build pride of belonging: Employees must have to own the place, it is not a place of work, it must be an environment that evokes familiarity.

2.- Trust the employees: Few employees want to be always in the same department, have new responsibilities that allow them to grow and change their perspective of work. In this way you also become familiar with the structure of the company.

3. Keep the team informed: Spreading the latest news, data or information on the market ensures that all team members know what their role is, and if they should change the meaning of the established objective.

4.- Respect the forms: Employees must be treated in a respectable way, learn to value them. One way to show them that you care about them is by remembering their name and job, as well as the number of children or the name of the wife. These are details that are very valuable in the work environment.

5. Help them grow professionally
The training and constant training will help your employees to be more productive, in this way you can enhance their skills and overcome the areas of opportunity they present to improve their performance.

Some employees do not have access to higher positions because they do not feel they have the skills or knowledge to do so. It is important that the leaders of the organization identify this need of the employees and help them to continue their education, to train and acquire the skills that will make them grow as professionals and advance their career plan.