If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business and attract more customers through the Internet, you are probably active in different social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the most attention grabbing networks when it comes to generating sales, however, we often overlook LinkedIn’s potential.

As you know LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, which in 2017 already has more than 450 million users. And that is your strong point. LinkedIn is a social network for doing business. And it can generate a lot of qualified leads with a lot less effort than other networks.

How can you do it? By following these five simple steps.

1. Optimize your profile to appear in people searches

If you want your future clients to find you easily within LinkedIn, you have to optimize your profile including those keywords for which you want to appear in the top positions of LinkedIn searches.

Keywords are no more than the terms your customer might be looking for. If for example you sell your services as a coach to help companies increase their sales, “coach” and “sales” are the keywords that should appear throughout your profile.

Where exactly? In the following sections:

Title: the title is one of the sections to which LinkedIn gives more weight when it comes to positioning candidates.
Extract: Here’s what you can offer your customers, including the key terms in a natural way.
Professional Experience: Describe the projects and clients you’ve worked with by trying to include key terms several times to help LinkedIn position you better.
Skills: Get your contacts to validate skills related to key terms.
Recommendations: Get recommendations that include the key terms in a natural way. Including these terms here will reinforce your positioning.
Interests: includes a list of key terms here. The more the better, because LinkedIn will take into account when positioning you.
With these tricks you should get LinkedIn to easily position you in the top positions for the keywords that you decide to optimize your profile. Another added benefit is that Google will also position you well in the searches that your potential customers do within the famous search engine, since LinkedIn is a web that Google has in high esteem.

Optimize your profile and you will see how you start receiving more visits in a short time.

2. Publish articles in Pulse

For just over a year, LinkedIn allows you to post articles that will be shared with all your contacts. These articles are ideal to add value to your network of contacts and to capture the attention of potential customers.

Publish information relevant to your niche market regularly. One article a week should suffice. Following the example above, you could post articles related to how to increase sales.

The idea is that at the end of each article write a short biography that indicates what you do and that contains a link to your website, and the products or services you offer, as well as an invitation to connect with you through LinkedIn. In this way you make it easier for your potential customers to contact you after reading it.

3. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are a real mine of information. There are LinkedIn groups for almost everything. Locate those groups where you can meet your target customers and begin to establish a relationship with them:
Share relevant content with them.

Discuss your publications to contribute your point of view as a professional.
Recommend them actions you can take to improve your business.
Send them emails with information that may interest them.
The more active you are, the more visibility you will have and the more you will be perceived as an expert, which increases your chances of attracting customers.

4. Contact the right people

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn allows you to connect directly with your potential customers, and add them to your network of contacts facilitating your commercial work enormously. All you have to do is use the people search and start contacting potential clients.

Although there are professionals who prefer to create a network of trusted contacts (adding only people they know), we recommend that you connect with everyone. Why? Very simple, if you want to attract customers you should have the maximum visibility possible.

The broader your network of contacts, the more likely you are to have your contacts share your content with your own network of contacts, and the greater the reach you have, the greater your chances of connecting with potential customers.

5. Keep your network up-to-date

It is not only important to expand your network of contacts, but to maintain it naturally. Try to know the contacts you make by LinkedIn in person. Check your network regularly and remind them that you’re still there if they need anything. If you become a valuable person, chances are your contacts will recommend you to others, which will increase your business.


As a novice entrepreneur I have always been encouraged to read the same business stories.

Those success stories about the powerful entrepreneurs who started their fortunes 70 years ago when they had nothing and those books that tell you how those small companies became the big corporations that we know today.

And I take courage, I accept that a little is out of envy, but especially because they make it so easy to see that you feel silly and far from motivating, they frustrate you and make you see unreachable, do not you guys the same?

Today you can find people who just a few years ago had nothing and today are highly successful entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar companies. Imagine what these people can talk about!

Today there are authors who speak in a simpler language and more landed, entrepreneurs with whom you can really identify and compare. I think this is very positive because they make business look more earthly and attainable.

This is something that motivates and encourages every day there are more entrepreneurs. Having said that, I share five of my favorite books, from five different authors that bring a very good vibe, that definitely will change your mentality and motivate you. And yes, they are all from this decade!

“Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone, published in 2011
“#AskGaryVee – Book” by Gary Vaynerchuck, published in 2016
“How to win at the sport of Business” by Mark Cuban, published in 2011
“The industries of the future” by Alec Ross, published in 2016