All social networks are different. That’s why you should keep in mind the characteristics of each one and the behavior of its users. Generate community and potential customers, communicate immediately, awaken sensations with a photo and meet professional contacts are the contribution of Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn.


Facebook defines itself as “a tool that gives people the power to build community and get closer to the world”. It has 2 billion users and its service offer is quite broad.

At the business level, this network has its Facebook Business line, with which it is possible to manage advertising accounts and pages of a business project. But, to manage a large group of ads and clients, you have to take the first step; for that reason, Facebook offers a free service of creation of pages in that social network.


Another network that can help you in your business is Twitter. “Twitter is the place where people connect with what they are passionate about, share opinions and find out what is happening in the world. And, just because they enter Twitter with the intention of discovering things, they are willing to interact with new companies “: this is how the network defines itself on its official website. And like Facebook, Twitter has a business line so that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs can boost their business.

Twitter is built on the concept of virtual conversation. We can converse with the brands and users that we want through short publications. This type of interaction allows us to keep updated on what is happening. “Twitter gives you access to what happens in your industry, in your community and around the world. Use the searches on Twitter to hear the relevant conversations that are being developed and participate in those in which you can contribute something useful, “says the official site.


Another advantage of Twitter is the opportunity to provide timely customer service. Currently, companies have adopted this network as a channel of attention to their customers, and there are even some that have departments responsible for managing through Twitter any type of crisis that the company lives.

Sometimes, it is easier for users to ask a question, complaint or grievance (PQR) through this network, instead of calling the hotline or going to an office. According to a study conducted by Twitter, 85 percent of followers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on Twitter give importance to the fact that companies offer customer service on that platform.

Twitter can also help you with the creation of databases and the connection with potential clients. “Twitter allows you to follow people who are outside your personal network and interact with them. That’s a great way to participate or even start conversations with influential people and industry experts so you can raise the profile of your company and establish valuable connections. ”


This social network has a special behavior, due to the immediacy and short duration of a publication on the home page of each user. The limit in each publication, called tweet, is 140 characters (it is in the process of being extended to 280). A tweet is a message posted on Twitter that can include text, photos, links and videos.

With each tweet there are several options. The first is to respond, defined by Twitter as a good practice with followers, since, “when you answer a tweet, you can show that you are paying attention and that you offer useful answers.” Also, if you are mentioned in some interesting content or you see a publication that may be useful in your business profile, you can give it retweet (something like resending a message to your followers). You can also quote it in case you want to add your own content.

As in Facebook, Twitter allows you to ‘like’ publications; This option can also be used as a bookmark if you want to easily find a tweet again. You just have to press the heart icon to indicate that you like a tweet and so that its author sees that you liked it.


Two other options are tags (or hashtags) and mentions. Tags are words or phrases written without spaces, which go with a # at the beginning. For example: #New Technology. If a label is attractive and viral enough, it will become a trend, and users will see it in the left bar (Trends); that allows more people to know which topics are hot for them to join or not to that label with some own publication.

As for mentions, you can call the attention of a brand or a person: you should only mention the name with which it appears on Twitter, accompanied by a @ at the beginning.


Now let’s talk about the image, literally, of a company. Here is when Instagram appears as the favorite social network of those who apply the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Instagram has been owned by Facebook for several years, and since Mark Zuckerberg’s company acquired the concept of interaction with images and videos was completely transformed.

The idea on Instagram is to take a photo, edit it to give it a better look-depending on what is required-and then upload it. Although the process seems simple, expressing the right message in an image is not always easy.


This network can be used to publicize a company or a person, to arouse interest in potential customers, to increase sales of products or to increase the number of people who visit our website or a physical store.

Instagram, which also offers a business line, has quite striking figures for those who want to undertake a marketing strategy. According to the official Instagram Business page, more than 700 million people use the network monthly, 80 percent of Instagram users follow a company on this platform and more than 250 million people use the ‘stories’ (short videos inside the platform) daily.


Videos, stories and photographs are the content that can be added to an Instagram business profile. If you are looking for an expectation, you can make a short video in stories, where the content is deleted 24 hours after its publication. If you want to share multimedia content, you can do so by posting videos that do not exceed one minute. And if you want to publish a photograph, you can take it directly from the application or upload it from the gallery of the mobile device, edit it with filters and publish it.

For the content to have greater effect, it must be accompanied by an effective description. There you can use mentions and labels, similar to Twitter. In the case of mentions, only the @name of the account is enough. In the tags, the social network will show you the options with greater reach. Then your followers can give ‘like’ in the form of heart, comment or send by private messages to other users.


If you want to monitor the behavior of a publication, Instagram gives you statistics in real time, with data such as: number of ‘likes’, comments, times it was saved, impressions, reach and interaction. To see the general behavior of the account, you can enter the statistics (look for four bars located at the top right of the account profile). There are indicated data such as: number of followers, publications, percentage of men and women among the public, average ages, cities where most see the content and hours in which our followers are more active.

All these figures will help you optimize your marketing strategies, the type of content to publish and define the optimal language to generate empathy. Remember that on Instagram everything revolves around the image, so think carefully about how you will take the photograph, what filter you will apply and with what text you will accompany it.


LinkedIn is the most important network for professionals in the world. The portal AboutEspañ defines LinkedIn as one of the social networks that allows the creation of a professional profile, which may include, among other details, the work experience of the person who created it.

It can be said that LinkedIn is the most accurate network to create contacts and communities at the business level. When creating a business or professional profile, the user can know what happens in the companies of their interest, discover job opportunities and connect with employees, suppliers and even with the competition in their market.

Its interface is quite simple. This network allows you to create the profile of the company or professional, has a system of internal messages and notifications, and allows you to add all the work experience and studies of the person. An added value is the user skills panel, which can be validated by the contacts in your network. This function allows, if the user is applying to a job offer, the company can validate the skills that one described in the resume.


The world needs new entrepreneurs. These create jobs, improve the quality of life, present new technology to society and keep competition alive in the market. Starting a business is difficult and it is crucial that the next generation has as much ammunition as possible.

  1. Passion. You will fail. It’s part of the game. Your failures will lead to success if you get involved with something you believe in. Starting a business without a particular reason will saturate you and take you where you started. Choose an interest with which you can be passionate. Uniting charity with a traditional business model may be a good way to combine the things that you and your potential customers care about most.
  2. Define your market. You’ve heard this before. It is one of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. Bet on something that makes sense for your business. If you are a small startup and you continue studying, you can stay in one place or focus on the students. The internet gives us an infinite range, but it is vital to reduce your market to a realistic number and stay with those who have a reason to be interested.
  3. The price point. Taking risks is important in every business. Consider the possibility of offering your product or service at a basic level. A small investment from the start can engage new clients / donations before risking more money. Your target defines the ideal price. Survey your market and make adjustments. You can always re-evaluate your prices while you grow up.
  4. Be honest. This advice can apply to you, your employees and your customers. Be honest about what you can commit to in your business. It does not do anyone any good to exaggerate the truth if they do not have the money or the right commitment to the project. Be honest about what your partners can expect from you and what you expect back.
  5. Use, but not excessively, your social networks. Young people are always eager to make the leap to social networks, that’s not bad but it is important to think carefully before putting your information on different platforms. Social networks are powerful tools. Focusing on your business can let you know quickly and economically. That said, be careful not to put all the eggs in the basket online. Experiment and measure the results, then constantly evaluate and decide what is working and what you waste resources.
  6. Do not forget public relations. Traditional and online press relations can give you more coverage so that it lasts a lifetime and does not cost as much as advertising. Think about what makes your new product interesting and relevant. Then talk about that in the networks. Maybe you get good feedback or you appear in news segments. Many media have sections dedicated to people doing new things. Even an article in your university can be a source of publicity.
  7. Find mentors. The beginning of every adventure can be exciting, frustrating, liberating and terrifying at the same time. Remember, although younger generations know more about technology than those who have been in business for years, there are some basic principles that are achieved through experience. Many communities offer networking opportunities for old and young entrepreneurs. Take advantage of this and you may be surprised at the amount of knowledge your colleagues have to offer you.

These tips will not give you success, but many knowledge that you can put together before starting your entrepreneurial career to avoid serious mistakes.


Several years ago the birth of Digital Marketing, a term that we can hear in many work environments and in most economic sectors. Undoubtedly, the rise of the Internet has led to the evolution of the world of Marketing and has forced its agents to adapt. That is why today we want to show you these tips to succeed with your Online Marketing Strategy.

At present, the world of marketing is closely linked to the Internet. It is true that the traditional method still exists, necessary for different products, services or sectors, but it can not be denied that a large part of current businesses resort to the development of an online Marketing Strategy to meet their objectives.

The company is aware of the importance of the Internet in the workplace and the advantages it offers to companies. Therefore, marketing actions must be adapted to the environment and take advantage of it to achieve maximum benefits . The network can offer a wide range of possibilities for any type of business that lends itself.

Aware of the need of every company to develop a precise and effective action plan, today we want to analyze the importance of marketing strategies and the possibility of carrying them out on the Internet. For this we are going to offer you 7 tips that will help you succeed with your project.


Before showing you the tricks to succeed with your online campaign, we must know its true utility for the company. Marketing strategies (or marketing strategies) are actions that are carried out to achieve certain objectives for the company , such as publicizing a new product, increasing sales or achieving greater market share.

The ultimate goal of every company is to sell, and the use of strategies has, therefore, the purpose of increasing sales , either directly or indirectly; in the short, medium or long term. The campaign can be focused on different phases of the purchase, even to very varied targets , but what will ultimately interest the business will be selling your product.

To formulate marketing strategies, in addition to taking into account our objectives, resources and capacity, we must analyze the competition and our target audience . Based on this analysis we can design strategies that allow us to satisfy your needs or desires, or that take into account your habits or customs.

After analyzing the market, we must establish the objectives of the company. We already know that businesses seek to increase their sales, but the actions that are carried out for this can be very varied. It will be important to set clear, precise and quantifiable objectives . Finally, we will decide what to do to achieve the goals of the company.


So far we have analyzed the importance of marketing strategies for business, but we are interested in how to apply these tips to the Internet. For this, Online Marketing is born, the adaptation to the digital world of traditional sales strategies.

It is about applying marketing strategies in digital media. It is an interactive, quantifiable marketing style, more focused on the consumer and more precise. For their actions, digital media and new technologies are helped, with the aim of attracting customers and getting consumers.

The main objective of Digital Marketing is to promote the brand, differentiate it from the competition, create an optimal digital reputation for the company and, of course, increase its sales.

Digital Marketing is part of the general Marketing strategy that every company should have. So that an online strategy can be drawn up, it is essential that an Online Marketing plan is made where both the objectives to be achieved and the means to be used to achieve them are contemplated.


Arrived at this point, we are prepared to know the best tips to succeed with your Online Marketing strategy:

1- Take care of communication with the client

If something offers us Internet is the possibility of interacting quickly and directly with our customers. We must take this opportunity. Traditional marketing is limited in many aspects by the lack of feedbackwith consumers. In the digital age, interaction is and must be fluid, continuous and direct.

Your customers will evaluate your response and your attention equal or more than your product or service. Society has evolved with the digital environment and seeks immediate answers to your doubts. Take advantage of the medium and offer your users the possibility to communicate with you. Knowing the concerns of your customers will be a key factor to develop your strategy and make decisions.

2- Segment and personalize your actions

Your online marketing strategy should be segmented and focused on the different targets of your company. The network allows us to focus our actions on different sectors of society. Take advantage of the segmentation possibilities offered by the digital world to individualize your messages and customize the actions within your marketing plan.

A priority that we must add to our Online Marketing plan is to make each client feel unique and special. Design your strategy thinking of the client. Each one of them must feel special and for that you must make the maximum effort in the personalization of your campaigns.

A very useful tool to achieve this task is the personalization of the products or services we offer . Your consumers are the most important thing for the company, and they should feel that way. Offering unique products will allow them to feel fortunate and rewarded by the brand.

3- Create a Blog

This advice may be familiar or even unnecessary, but it is undoubtedly a crucial tool for any company with an online presence. The Blog will help you to transmit the values ​​of your brand, it will endow your entity with personality, beyond being a mere company that sells products.

Blogs are also very useful for the online reputation of your business. It benefits you when positioning yourself in front of the competition, since it allows you to periodically update the web and show interesting content for your clients.

4- Participate in social networks

Social Networks offer you the opportunity to stay in touch with your customers. It is the place where Internet users spend the vast majority of time while surfing. In them you will find your consumers but also your possible or future clients. You should not neglect your presence in the networks because they will help you maintain your reputation online.

It does not make sense to be present in all Social Networks. Find the one where your target audience is and stay active. The account of your company must be dynamic, interact with users, answer their questions, offer solutions and show relevant content. Do not abuse the promotion of your products, focus on giving value to your brand.

5- Analyze your data

In the digital world, companies need to analyze the data to develop a more effective online marketing strategy around their marketing. It is very important to know what tactics of our Marketing strategy are giving results and which ones we should improve to achieve our objectives.

Analyzing the data will allow you to obtain a view of the point where your consumers are located, the phase of the conversion funnel where they are. Analyze your visits flows and traffic to your pages to determine where you should make a greater effort, both economic and time, as well as to modify those tactics that do not work.

6- Remember Mobile Marketing.

In order not to limit the growth of your brand, you must take into account mobile telephony in your Digital Marketing plans. In 2016, it is expected that users who surf the Internet through their mobile phones will surpass those who do it from desktop devices.

Consumers relate to brands through their mobile devices, so you must offer content adapted to all types of formats. Take into account the Responsive Design for your website and think about the use that your customers make of mobile devices when you design your online marketing strategy.

7- Take advantage of the potential of Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. 91% of people check their mail daily. If you manage to create appropriate and personalized content for your clients, you will increase your sales possibilities and consumer acquisition.

Using a correct marketing strategy by email will allow you to stand out and get the attention of your customers, reach new ones and generate new business opportunities.

These have been our tips to succeed with your Online Marketing strategy. The success of your project will always depend on the common sense that you apply to your actions. Performing the perfect campaign is really difficult, but if you strive to satisfy your consumers, you will be able to approach your goal more easily.

Remember that the Internet offers you a wide range of possibilities to interact with your consumers, measure your actions, strengthen the decisions that allow you to continue growing and modify those that slow your evolution. We trust in having helped you.


An important part of being an entrepreneur is increasing your intellectual knowledge; this, why before starting any project you must learn and understand the vision of those who at some point in their lives began in the same conditions as you.

These visions and experiences will help you to know more about the environment in which you intend to enter, besides, it will help you to clear some clouds about what is the real project that will adapt to your needs and especially your economic and social realities.

Much of that journey or experience is precisely written in various books which will allow you to increase your knowledge on the subject, and above all will encourage you to follow your path; the path of your new project and your future.

For that reason I allow myself to recommend some of the books which are indispensable for every entrepreneur.


This book should be part of your personal library. It contains some of the rules that you must follow and observe within any place, be it work, company, politics, family, etc. It has a very nice wording and which will help you understand some of the most common mistakes which can cost us work, customers and even friendship or love.

Its writing is largely political but certainly some of its advice is applicable to every aspect of your daily life, since one of the great qualities of any entrepreneur is precisely that of being a great negotiator.

Robert Greene author of the book is a great connoisseur of political issues; and within this book has been given the task of collecting some political experiences which have been of great historical significance. Therefore, within this book you will find from political passages of Alexander the Great, advice from Nicolás Machiavelli and even decisions made by John F. Kennedy. Therefore, this book, besides being a whole policy treatise, is also a guide for entrepreneurs, where they explain what to do and what not to do on the road to success.


Maybe one of the books that most excites and helps change the mentality to become an entrepreneur.

Within this great book are the experiences of the author Robert Kiyosaki who started his project from scratch and perhaps in conditions far inferior to yours. This book addresses issues from professional education, that is, how children are educated to be employed; family customs about the professions, especially when the family influences the choice of a university career or profession, which sometimes generates a feeling of failure; The current and future situation of entrepreneurs and especially him because you must become one of them.

Robert Kiyosaki author of the book is a writer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker in various forums, most of his books are based first on creating an entrepreneur attitude on the reader, secondly seeks that the reader identify the niches of opportunity to create a business which in Kiyosaki’s opinion must work under the network scheme, since this previous scheme allows any project to grow in an unlimited way.


Undoubtedly one of the best motivation books for entrepreneurs. Within it five profiles are addressed which radically changed their lives at the time they analyzed their situation and their conditions. It is an exciting book in each of its chapters which are a mixture between the stories of the author and the testimony of the protagonists.

Each of its chapters allows us to reflect on our current situation and how to face the problems that afflict us and that often only find barriers within our mind.

Its author Rhonda Byrne is a lecturer, writer and producer. Jump to fame for his book the secret which as a hero focuses on awakening in the individual a conscience which allows him to generate what she calls the law of attraction. This law is characterized by the change of attitude of the individual about life, work and social circle, having as premise “if you have it in your mind, you have it in your hand”.


Motivation is a fundamental part of the entrepreneur, and perhaps one of the most necessary elements when starting any project; For this reason it is necessary that at the beginning or during the project you find yourself in continuous motivation to be able to carry out your company or business. Now, it may be the case that you are going through a complicated situation derived from a bad project or a failure.

For this situation it is advisable to read precisely the words of John C. Maxwell which motivate you to leave in the past that bitter experience, which you should only value as learning without engaging in a continuous reminder that prevents you from going beyond that topic. In addition to helping to move the storm this book gives some important life lessons, which are true knowledge especially when the plans do not happen as planned.

John C. Maxwell author of the book is a writer and lecturer specializing in leadership issues, his books are considered Best Sellers by the New York Times , so it is advisable to keep track of his various publications, which are of great value especially when we talk about leadership issues. One characteristic of their publications is the ease with which their ideas are understood and the pleasantness of reading their chapters, which are usually short and practical.


One of the most important aspects of any entrepreneur is knowing how to manage their finances. Have full knowledge of your income and expenses as well as present and future expenses that will have to be made; Therefore, this book teaches in a practical way the management of your economic resources and how to achieve great savings with small sacrifices. It is advisable to read first the version ” Little capitalist pig. Personal finances for hippies, yuppies and bohemians ” which focuses on personal savings and how to achieve it.

In his second version called ” Little Capitalist Pig. Investments ”  Which contains a more specialized language, focuses precisely on how to invest these savings, that is, how to make it grow to generate greater dividends.

Sofia Macías author of the book is a consultant in financial education and personal finance; Within these titles of “Small capitalist pig” is a broad guide to small savings which is disciplining you in your personal economy.

This book is a great recommendation for young people and not so young that every fortnight or month they survive with few pesos for their poor economic management.

These are just some of the books I recommend reading when you intend to enter the world of entrepreneurship, in them you will find valuable lessons, tips and stories from various people who are now prosperous entrepreneurs and that they can serve you to build the foundation of your project economic.

It is also advisable to be attentive to the phrases and dialogues that are expressed in the previous books, which can make you see the capacity that exists within you which only needs a trigger to demonstrate your talent.


Enjoying good relationships between managers and employees is crucial in any company. When this happens, the commitment of the employees, their productivity, motivation and morals are at their highest levels. And this is what any company wants for its proper functioning.

An employee who does not feel anxious every morning at the time of going to work, caused by a bad relationship with his boss, is an employee who enjoys a better experience at work (and is more productive).

Happy employees work harder, produce a better job and maintain a better relationship with customers.

We have given you more than enough reasons to build a good relationship between bosses and employees, right? But what are the pillars for this to happen?

Take note of these simple ways to foster positive relationships with employees:

  1. Communication. Basic in any relationship, also in the workplace. Employees spend many hours at their place of work and that is why it is very important that they feel comfortable with their bosses. For this to happen, keep an open communication with your employees, let them know that you are there to speak when they need it and what they need. Also, be transparent about what you expect and need from them. Open communication is essential for building a healthy and positive relationship.
  2. Recognition. A few words of appreciation and recognition of a job well done go beyond what you can think. Gratitude means a lot to the employees and reinforcing a job well done encourages them to continue like this. Public recognition is also highly valued by workers.

Another way to reward your effort is through rewards and financial incentives such as checks or gift chests .

  1. Feedback. Employees need to get feedback on what they are doing. Knowing what they are doing well or what they should improve is essential to nurture a positive relationship between boss and employee.

4. Development Show your employees that you care beyond a tab number. Invest in them. Encourage training and personal and professional development programs that interest them. Make them see that you value them as the people they are and not as a worker who invests 8 hours of your day in your company. The social benefits and training opportunities are great tools to keep your workers happy and committed.


Your small business must grow to reach its full potential. The amount of growth depends on you, but to turn a small business into a big one, you have to set goals, diversify and expand. As your business gets bigger, you will develop strategies to foster and continue that growth. Eventually, you can even ally and merge with other businesses to ultimately become a large, successful company.


Your small business won’t grow — at least at the rate you want it to — if you don’t have goals and a plan to reach them. As a small business owner, you must be savvy enough to recognize market opportunities when they present themselves and be quick to act on them. Your products should deliver clear, definable benefits to your customers and you must present a challenging, rewarding work environment for your employees. When these aspects are firing on all cylinders, you will be able to increase your sales, which will increase your capital and ultimately spearhead your business’s growth.


You can be successful, but you won’t experience much growth if you only focus on one product. Coca-Cola doesn’t just sell soda in red cans. It also sells juice, sports drinks and bottled water. Apple manufactures computers, MP3 players, phones and tablets. These are examples of major corporations that grew due in large part to the diversity of the products offered. However, don’t start concentrating on other products until your primary products are selling well and your customers are satisfied with the results. Spread your resources too thin too early and it can hinder your small business’s growth rather than promote it


You have a goal and a diverse range of products and/or services. The next step to grow your small business is to expand. You will need a capital to follow through with expansion, especially when it comes to financing. Lenders want to see growth in both the business’s revenues and net worth. Expansion most often involves opening new locations. You’ll start with a single new location in an area you’ve identified in your business plan as profitable and accessible. Once that location is stable and successful, you can expand to another location, then another and so on. You can also license your products to be sold at other retailers. This will help grow your profit and exposure and allow you to open more locations.


Eventually your small business will expand to the point where you begin to outgrow your competitors. When this happens, you can grow your business quickly by merging with a smaller company. You will add the acquired business’s locations, products and even staff. You can keep it in place as a subsidiary of your business or fully integrate it and change the name and products to mirror your own. Either way, your small business has grown to a level where you have multiple locations and avenues to get your products to your customers.


Do you want to know what are some of the best tips for the internationalization of your company ? Each business activity has a different strategy based on a comprehensive analysis both external and internal and also, clearly defined objectives to achieve. If your purpose is to achieve profitability during the course of your business activity, we recommend that you do not lose sight of these tips with which you will improve the management of the internationalization of your business .



One of the main tips for the internationalization of your company successfully, is that during the course of your internationalization strategy, you have clear that you must be efficient in your work and not leave the quality of both your products and services.


A local shoe business will not have the same costs in operations that it will present, for example, another similar business focused on international markets . Prior to starting your business in international markets or delving into them, identify what will be the resources that your company will need abroad and research well if you have enough .


Each country works differently, has different legislation in multiple aspects and the dreaded bureaucracy is equally unequal. It is vital for the survival of the internationalization of your company that you have deepened in labor, fiscal and mercantile issues of the country in which you want to start your activity.


International markets vary and suffer constantly from fluctuations. In addition to providing quality solutions t

o the problems of your international clients, you will also have to be prepared to develop in a constantly evolving business environment . Therefore, the attention to your customers will be fundamental but you must have the necessary tools to adapt to new market needs.


It does not matter if you are a small company that wants to export, for example, shoes abroad or a company with a multitude of subsidiaries spread across the globe. The only thing that is truly relevant and decisive for your success is that you think clearly about your objectives, quantify what the costs of your operations will be and know perfectly the scenario in which you intend to immerse yourself.


All business internationalization requires a deep analysis process in which, among other aspects, the different objectives to be pursued must be assessed. When you are not realistic in the objectives you are looking for, you are making an unnecessary mistake that will surely make these purposes not be achieved. In practice, if you are austere at the beginning of your activity you will have more resources to face possible deviations in your calculations and increase your chances of success.


It is necessary that you develop your internationalization plan. In this plan you will have to make a detailed study in which you determine how profitable the business activity you want will be , develop an international marketing plan and expose what will be the different actions that you will develop to achieve your purpose.

Now you, these tips for the internationalization of your company did not solve the doubts that you had for the internationalization of your business? In the internationalization services of Internationally , we provide you with incredible and efficient solutions for your company.



  1. The first impression is key. You will never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, from the beginning focus on satisfying the customer’s wishes and do not concentrate only on submitting an offer. If your start is weak, the end will be the same. Take advantage of the first meeting so that your consumers are convinced – through a good deal – that you are their best option and, of course, that they are also important to you. Otherwise, later you will have to work hard to change a bad first impression.
  1. Draw a plan to win customers. Planning the actions you will perform will give you great advantages to offer a service of excellence. Create a general plan before dealing with new customers and a special one for your main accounts. Profile each of your prospects based on general data and specific needs you observe. The purpose is to develop specific actions aimed at filling these gaps. Remember that the plan is only a starting point that must be adapted according to the case, because each client is different.
  1. Listen first and anticipate. Once you’ve charted a plan, the second step is called “anticípate.” How to do it? It allows the client to explain in detail what they want. Sometimes, words are not a sufficient resource to express what we really feel, so it also takes into account facial expressions and gestures. When it is your turn to speak, use all the information you got to present the characteristics of your product or service as the exact solution to the demands made. Karl Albrecht, specialist in management and pioneer of the new services economy, explains in his book Todo el poder al cliente that “excellence in service It is only possible when the satisfaction of the client’s expectations has been overcome. “Conclusion: Anticipate and go further.
  1. Choose a good place for your business. The location is a fundamental point for customers to enjoy going to your business with pleasure and without complications. Take into account the communication routes to get to your place and the type of area, that is, that is not too conflictive, dangerous or difficult to access. Also consider it a priority to have your own parking or make an alliance with a nearby one and offer a special rate for your buyers. It would be useless if the design of your store is spectacular and you have the best products at competitive prices if you can not get people to come to you without major obstacles.


  1. Study your market. Invest time to be an expert knowledgeable about your market. Attend trade shows and events that your consumers consider important. There you can live closely with them. Also take the opportunity to observe what your competition is doing and to detect what kind of products and services are most in demand. Another option is to keep up to date on market trends through specialized publications and by getting involved and participating in chambers and trade associations.
  1. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. A serious mistake is to think that customer service is a standardized activity and that the same tactics will work to meet everyone’s expectations. The people are unique and special. Put yourself in the shoes of the other party and ask yourself the following question: how would I like to be treated: right or wrong? Then it offers a deal, at least, good. Better yet, excellent. Start with a general plan of attention and, as the case may be, design specific strategies to create a “different” experience for each client.
  1. How to start with the right foot? The secret is to ask the right questions at the beginning and end of the conversation you have with a client. Thank you for the time you have given and then ask: “Just out of curiosity, why did you accept this appointment?” Most will tell you about their experiences with different products and companies. You just concentrate on listening. This fact will show that, on the one hand, you have an interest, while you will obtain valuable information and the communication channel will be open for when it is your opportunity to present your proposals.
  1. Ask the right questions. A common mistake is to question customers incisively. For example: What goals would you like to achieve in your company? Even if you receive an answer, it may not be entirely true. Another mistake is asking: are you satisfied with the sales of your business? The answer will be “yes” or “no”, ending with the conversation. Instead, consider this position: “Based on your experience, what tools, allies or resources do you need to increase your sales?”. The question is direct and leaves the answer “open”, inviting the consumer to share everything he has in mind. Anticipate these situations and get ready before an appointment. The client will feel that he is facing an expert capable

of providing an excellent service.

  1. What is a customer looking for? When a person acquires a product or service, they are actually buying emotions. If we all have five senses, it causes your consumers to experiment with each of them. For example, going to the movies is not limited to watching a movie, but to a moment of entertainment that is accompanied by images, sounds, food and drinks. “Quality” is what you should give the customer. “Service” is the way you are going to give it to them. You choose how: delivery of a pizza in less than 30 minutes; a courier service in just 24 hours; If there is no business for you, we will refund your money, etc.


  1. Show why you are the best option. When you are in charge of the first task that your client has entrusted to you, do not forget to provide updated information about your progress. Share all the results – good and bad – and solve the problems that arise jointly. Demonstrate, at all times, that you are doing your best and that you work to achieve mutual benefit. If you succeed, you will not only build a good relationship, but you will also create a feeling of satisfaction in your consumer, which will help you improve your chances of winning that account and many more.
  1. Focus on the details. Who does not love to receive something that surprises him. That’s why the details make the difference. The strategy is simple: observe very well what you like and what bothers your client, identify these elements and use them in your favor to cause great emotion. It is not a question of giving a gift, but of knowing what are the things that you appreciate the most about your offer. Keep a record of your consumption and detect their tastes and then, before you ask, show you the options you surely have in mind. Creativity will be your best ally.


The good work environment is the first step to achieve it. It is about having a professional but relaxed workplace, in which employees can work and also relax at other times. Fun and humor improve collaboration and the work climate .

The objective is to turn the tables around, make Mondays become the new Fridays and people come to the office with another attitude. A good work environment prevents employees from wishing that the time of departure or the weekend arrives. On the contrary, they feel comfortable in their workplace and surrounded by colleagues and friends.

The result of this environment is an improvement in productivity , as well as the brand image. Your company will become a place where employees of other organizations want to go . But for that, in addition to the good atmosphere, you always have to cover some minimums.

And this goes through a review of salary and bonus . For very good environment there is if you can not get to the end of the month, the slab that falls on the worker, covers everything else. Also an improvement in security, there is no use for a good environment if there are accidents at work with certain frequency.



But the company must go further. Not only deal with employees during working hours, but also worry about their emotional well-being . Putting at your disposal therapists who help them with their problems, to manage stress situations is an example. Also create rooms or meditation sessions in the company, where you can relax and reset in a moment of tension.

If you want to improve the company’s productivity and brand image by improving the health of your company, you can download the free ebook “Tips to keep a healthy company”. A good bet to reduce stress levels is to have a work  -life balance policy . The company can offer tools to its employees to promote mobility or teleworking . It can also be improved with organizational issues such as the intensive day or create a bank of hours for employees to use when they need.

Another good measure is to boost the emotional salary . More and more employees are interested in non-monetary issues, such as a career plan that guarantees their professional development, more vacation days or a training plan . They know that their company gives them more than the payroll that reaches them at the end of the month.

An example is to allow time to develop personal projects . This practice has been practicing Google for a long time with great results. On the one hand, employees felt more fulfilled and committed to the company. On the other hand, some of these projects have been very profitable, more than offsetting the hours invested in all of them.


Finally, a healthy company has to open up to the community. It is about sharing values ​​and making their social causes of concern to the society in which they are immersed. In this way, this organization goes beyond the physical limits of its office or its employees.

Are basic aspects such as environmental care and energy saving . Making a sustainable company is the goal of many organizations. But it is not easy to get a healthy company and it is necessary to establish a plan, set objectives and review them constantly to achieve them.


A través de los años, las empresas han demostrado que en muchas ocasiones, su crecimiento depende fuertemente de cómo cuidan su atención hacia los clientes.

En varias ocasiones, he encontrado empresas pequeñas donde parece que este rubro no es primordial, anteponen la tecnología, innovación y otros aspectos como punta de la lanza para hacer negocios. Esto para nada es malo, pero lo fundamental deber ser tener un esquema de negocio en donde la atención al Cliente sea excelsa y que este haga indispensable la presencia de su proveedor en todo momento.

Por lo cual el dejar al aire la estrategia de atención al Cliente se vuelve muy riesgosa.

Aquí enlisto 10 puntos básicos del Servicio a Cliente y que sirve para analizar como están nuestros planes de atención:

  1. Escucha con atención lo que necesita tu Cliente: Es más importante escuchar que proponer.
  2. Dirige la conversación y apóyalo en todas las áreas, aún si no es la tuya: Ayúdalo, la cooperación e integración de otras actividades, así conocerás más de su negocio y podrás opinar en otros puntos.
  3. Administra sus necesidades y genera confianza para esto: Vuélvete en analista de sus pensamientos, y ayúdalo a manejar sus necesidades y como solucionarlas.
  4. Comparte información relevante para su marca: Entre más información de otros mercados, marcas, etc.
  5. Abre un buen canal de comunicación: Genera amplias conversaciones entre tus Clientes, habla sobre los alcances y entregables, y ojo, un mail no es suficiente para entablar una buena conversación.
  6. Ten alta capacidad de respuesta, resuelve problemas: Este tema es de suma importancia; la contingencia es muy común y debemos estar atentos a solucionar esto en todo momento.
  7. No prometas lo que no puede ser: Por quedar bien, a veces nos comprometemos con algo que no es posible; cuidado esto puede ser contraproducente y hacerte perder la confianza de tu Cliente.
  8. Seguimiento: Un tema vital para el área de servicio a Clientes; no olvides que a ti como a tu Cliente les importa mucho los proyectos y procesos. Por lo cual no dejes de perseguir los proyectos de tu Cliente y tus marcas.
  9. Fidelización de la marca que representas: El que te vuelvas embajador de la marca que representas es muy valioso para tu Cliente, y generaras confianza y tranquilidad.
  10. Preocúpate por él y su negocio: Pregunta, indaga, conoce sus procesos a fondo, ideas, necesidades, descubre que más puedes hacer por él y buscará nunca dejarte.

No olvides que una buena atención es una buena imagen de quien lo desarrolla.

Y ¿tu? ¿cómo construyes tu marca?

Roberto González B.

Artículo Publicado por  InformaBTL Magazine, Fortuna, Mundo Ejecutivo & Marketing News