5 Entrepreneur Movies

Inspiring the lives of great entrepreneurs is possible at a click away. The 10 films recommended below contain large doses of inspiration that no entrepreneur can miss.

Hungry for power
This is the story of Ray Kroc, who was not the founder of McDonald’s, but brought the franchise to what we know today. An international success.

Kroc was an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity for wealth and power and knew how to achieve it, although he did not care about ethics or integrity to achieve his business objectives. In 1945, Kroc went from being a failed 52-year-old salesman to stealing his hamburger business idea from the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald who started in San Bernardino, California.

Walt the dreamer
This film tells the story of the famous Walt Disney, before his iconic character emerged: Mickey Mouse.

The film shows how Disney had to face serious difficulties to achieve his dream in the world of animation.

Steve Jobs
The entrepreneurial story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is shown in this film, although it is not the only one that portrays the life of this visionary businessman.

He tells the origins of this businessman, from when he left the university to form his business in the garage of his house, until he achieved success with Apple.

The wolf of Wall Street
This movie has become a modern classic and a must for business people. This is a drama based on the memories of the Wall Street broker, Jordan Belfort, whose ambition led him to step on the federal prison.

In addition, it is perfect for anyone who wishes to undertake, because it teaches you to have confidence in yourself, to be a leader, to sell, to recognize your talent and that of other people, among many other things.

Coconut before Chanel
The film chronicles the life of the French Coco Chanel, who revolutionized the world of fashion to dress women with male clothes fleeing from uncomfortable corsets and styles.

The film shows the difficulties of this designer who had to overcome several obstacles to get what she wanted. This is a film recommended especially for women entrepreneurs who have to empower themselves with perseverance and courage.

What is Data Analytic?

Data analysis is defined as a process of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information for business decision-making. The purpose of Data Analysis is to extract useful information from data and taking the decision based upon the data analysis.

Whenever we take any decision in our day-to-day life is by thinking about what happened last time or what will happen by choosing that particular decision. This is nothing but analyzing our past or future and making decisions based on it. For that, we gather memories of our past or dreams of our future. So that is nothing but data analysis. Now same thing analyst does for business purposes, is called Data Analysis.

To grow your business even to grow in your life, sometimes all you need to do is Analysis!

If your business is not growing, then you have to look back and acknowledge your mistakes and make a plan again without repeating those mistakes. And even if your business is growing, then you have to look forward to making the business to grow more. All you need to do is analyze your business data and business processes.

Types of Data Analysis: Techniques and Methods
There are several types of data analysis techniques that exist based on business and technology. The major types of data analysis are:

Text Analysis
Statistical Analysis
Diagnostic Analysis
Predictive Analysis
Prescriptive Analysis

What is budgeting?

Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money. This spending plan is called a budget. Creating this spending plan allows you to determine in advance whether you will have enough money to do the things you need to do or would like to do.

What is budgeting? It is an important planning and forecasting process to help you manage your money by balancing your expenses with your income.
Budgeting is simply balancing your expenses with your income. If they don’t balance and you spend more than you make, you will have a problem. Many people don’t realize that they spend more than they earn and slowly sink deeper into debt every year.
If you don’t have enough money to do everything you would like to do, then you can use this planning process to prioritize your spending and focus your money on the things that are most important to you.

Once you create your first budget, begin to use it and get a good feel for how it can keep your finances on track, you may want to map out your spending plan or budget for 6 months to a year down the road. By doing this you can easily forecast which months your finances may be tight and which ones you’ll have extra money. You can then look for ways to even out the highs and lows in your finances so that things can be more manageable and pleasant.

Extending your budget out into the future also allows you to forecast how much money you will be able to save for important things like your vacation, a new vehicle, your first home or home renovations, an emergency savings account or your retirement. Using a realistic budget to forecast your spending for the year can really help you with your long term financial planning. You can then make realistic assumptions about your annual income and expense and plan for long term financial goals like starting your own business, buying an investment or recreation property or retiring.

Books you must read in 2020!

Reading allows us to become better entrepreneurs, making fewer mistakes in business, making more good decisions faster, and making it more likely we will have the right approach from the get go. The decisions that we make in business are based on knowledge and/or experience. We give you a small book you can start with: 


The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

While most startups fail, a lot of those failures can be prevented. This book offers a new approach that changes the way companies are created and products are launched. Every startup has one thing in common, they want to get through uncertainty to find a path that leads to a sustainable business, but few accomplish this feat.


Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod

In this book, Hugh MacLeod unveils his 40 keys to creativity that he came up with beginning as a young professional. He talks about his sharpest insights, offers clever cartoons, and provides useful advice.


Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

Entrepreneurs often think that in order to be successful, they have to do everything themselves. They try to make a successful business by running a one-man show. This is often why people don’t pursue their business dreams- they find it too daunting to start.

In Virtual Freedom, outsourcing expert Chris Ducker explains how to get the help you need using affordable resources. Entrepreneurs don’t have to do everything alone when they discover the power of creating a team of virtual employees to help launch their businesses.


Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by Geoff Colvin

People are not born with an innate ability to do something great? According to Talent is Overrated, the answer to that question is a resounding, “NO!”

Rather, greatness comes from practice and perseverance that is perfected over decades. Additionally, the key is how you practice, analyze your progress, and learn from your mistakes that make you the most successful. 


The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, a successful entrepreneur, offers critical advice in this book on running a start-up company. He includes practical wisdom to help manage common problems that business school doesn’t teach and gives real-world advice.

Horowitz analyzes the problems that leaders run into on a regular basis in this book and shares the knowledge that he has gotten from developing and running his own companies.

Reasons To Work In A Team

Having a good multidisciplinary team is essential for high performance in any venture. Working under this scheme does not imply that all members focus on the same task, or that each one has to be able to perform the functions of others. On the contrary, it is a synergy in which everyone contributes something from their experience and skills, enriching the work and achieving great results. Well directed helps maximize the strengths of each member, making the best of himself and complementing it with those of others.


  • Skills and talents complement each other.

When you have a diverse and well focused team, you can reduce weaknesses and strengthen strengths. Look for different people who are willing to cooperate and work for the same purpose.


  • Tasks are completed faster.

If everyone works on the same project, supporting each other, the time spent on a task is much less. Teamwork is key to productivity in a company.


  •  Increase the sense of belonging.

If a person feels part of a team, they are more likely to be loyal to the company. This decreases staff turnover and increases motivation.


  • Because you can better resolve conflicts and find new ideas.

“Two heads think better than one” … and how will they think 5, 10 or 15? To find solutions to your problems nothing better than to share them with the other members of your team and ask them to contribute ideas


  • It is much more fun.

Last but not least, there is the factor of enjoying what you do. Try to have good communication and healthy coexistence in your team; It will help make each project easier and more enjoyable.

Why Is Vacation Important For Your Employees?

Not only does burnout reduce the satisfaction employees feel in their job, but it can rob them of satisfaction in their personal lives as well. This is likely because as employees spend more hours at work, work comes to define more of their existence, and eventually, personal life and professional life become one and the same. 

The problem in today’s society is that we are constantly connected. Smartphones and laptops allow us take our work with us wherever we go. This means that we never truly disconnect from our jobs. We live in a wired world and our clients, guests, and bosses expect timely responses at all hours of the day.

Here we list reasons why vacations for your employees is important: 


Increases Productivity and Creativity: Taking time off from work for vacation increases productivity because you lower your stress level and prevent burnout. Upon returning from vacation, you feel mentally refreshed and relaxed. Therefore, your tasks don’t seem so difficult anymore and in fact, you can put more emphasis on them since your mind is clear now.


Makes You Happier and Healthier: When you book a vacation, you find something worth waiting for and start counting your days. This feeling keeps you more energetic and boosts your mood. As a result, you become a happier person.


Improves Relationships: When you take time off and go to vacation, you spend more time with your loved ones and spending quality time with them increases your bonding as a family. You collect memories that you won’t forget for the rest of your life and keep talking about these memories throughout the years.


Review Your Goals: During vacation, you can find some alone time to review your goals and decide where your career is going. Maybe a small change like going to vacation is not enough and you need a bigger change in your life.

Tips for Public Speaking

Public speaking is an unpleasant activity for many and the greater the importance of the event, the worse the fear. However, as an entrepreneur, you must constantly face exhibitions and presentations, either before your team, partners, clients or potential investors. And you must do it the right way to connect with your audience.

We share different tips that will make you take over the stage:


  1. Express yourself simply

People who listen to you will capture one or two of the main ideas that you expose. If you cannot express in a couple of sentences the point you propose to communicate, then your speech is not well defined.


  1. Get organized

Whether your dissertation is long or short, it is important to order the elements of it. The introduction, the main points to be presented and the conclusion must be foreseen.

Sometimes, a good way to start turns out to be the final sentence. Once you know where you are going, you can choose the path you like best to get there.


  1. Be brief

The duration of the numbers in the variety shows is usually a maximum of 12 to 15 minutes. Avoid too long speeches and rolleros.


  1. Be honest

If you try to be different than you are (unnatural), you probably won’t convince anyone. If the information you intend to transmit does not arouse real interest, it will not awaken it in others.

If you take the floor it is because you have had an experience that listeners do not know; Share it with them. Try to make them feel the same as you felt: a deep emotion, or indifference; fear, or sadness; annoyance, or perplexity.

The first person of the singular (I) can be an effective weapon, but you must be cautious and place yourself correctly in the space, time and type of audience that listens to you.


  1. Take control of the situation

In the first moments of a speech, the link between the public and the exhibitor is established. Smile, thank the person who introduced you and then wait a moment.

When the public has been attentive, establishes eye contact. Choose three friendly faces: one on the right, one on the left, and one in the center. Go then to one, then to another, and thus you will be able to cover the entire auditorium.


  1. Don’t read, talk

Reading before an audience is not as effective as speaking directly and with the heart; Spontaneous expression may not be as polished, but it is definitely better.

It is not advisable to write speeches, but it is to take notes to remember what you want to say, and know where you are going. A good idea is to make bullets with the main points or with important data that you want to make known.


Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the process of positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. Is also referred to as a positioning strategy, brand strategy, or a brand positioning statement.

It occurs whether or not a company is proactive in developing a position, however, if management takes an intelligent, forward-looking approach, it can positively influence its brand positioning in the eyes of its target customers.

Brand positioning statements are often confused with company taglines or slogans. Positioning statements are for internal use. These statements guide the marketing and operating decisions of your business. A positioning statement helps you make key decisions that affect your customer’s perception of your brand.

A tag line is an external statement used in your marketing efforts. Insights from your positioning statement can be turned into a tagline, but it is important to distinguish between the two. (See examples of brand positioning statements and taglines below.)

In order to create a position strategy, you must first identify your brand’s uniqueness and determine what differentiates you from your competition.

There are 7 key steps to effectively clarify your positioning in the marketplace:

  1. Determine how your brand is currently positioning itself
  2. Identify your direct competitors
  3. Understand how each competitor is positioning their brand
  4. Compare your positioning to your competitors to identify your uniqueness
  5. Develop a distinct and value-based positioning idea
  6. Craft a brand positioning statement (see below)
  7. Test the efficacy of your brand positioning statement (see 15 criteria below)

How to Create a Brand Positioning Statement
There are four essential elements of a best-in-class positioning statement:

Target Customer: What is a concise summary of the attitudinal and demographic description of the target group of customers your brand is attempting to appeal to and attract?
Market Definition: What category is your brand competing in and in what context does your brand have relevance to your customers?
Brand Promise: What is the most compelling (emotional/rational) benefit to your target customers that your brand can own relative to your competition?
Reason to Believe: What is the most compelling evidence that your brand delivers on its brand promise?

How To Recruit The Best Staff For Your Company?

One of the key aspects of every company is to have the right staff, and for that it is not enough to hire anyone and hope that it meets the expectations of the company, you have to have a good recruitment process that allows you to not only find A good worker but find the best worker available for the company.

In order to recruit the appropriate staff, you must start by planning and taking care of every detail of the recruitment, also taking into account the profile of the worker that is needed for the company and the particular project and the entire process to be carried out to achieve this person . It is about looking for people with talent and motivation for work, people who not only know how to do their job but who like and know how to do it effectively, people with all the skills needed for that job.

The profile of the position to be filled must be taken into account, taking into account the mission of the position, the objectives and activities carried out in the position. Success indicators for this position must also be established, to know the results that are desired once the position is filled, taking into account quantitative units of measure and objectives to know if the person efficiently meets the needs of the position.

To find people who can fill the position, many companies go to job boards, placing newspaper ads, responding to candidate announcements, informing that the company needs a person and even looking for staff in other media. More and more companies are approaching social networks to find candidates for the position, and it is that they can find true talents looking for work on the internet. There are interesting places to get good candidates for the company, such as universities or job fairs, you can even use scholars to find out if they are fit for the position.

Most selection processes are based on a personal interview with the candidate, but you can make many other options, especially when looking for a very difficult candidate profile to find. A first telephone interview can be good if candidates with value are far away, a group interview is important for many positions, an BEI interview for others, there are many possibilities but only the company can determine which is the best for the position you are looking to fill .

The first thing to take care of throughout the process is the clarity of the exhibition, being specific in what the company needs and what is offered, dealing with the person who is interested in the position and listening at all times which means. Before selecting a person as a possible candidate, think about what benefits you can bring to the company. If a good candidate needs time to think about it, give it to him, you should not press or take someone with lower qualities because he is available at the moment. Always appreciate the candidacy and be kind.

Negotiate good conditions with the worker, without losing the company, offers conditions that encourage and motivate the worker for the company, so that a talent does not go to the competition. In addition, training within the company must be taken into account so that the worker can develop more personally and professionally, although this will come later.

The person must be presented to the other staff of the company, teach the facilities, communicate the mission, vision and values ​​of the company and take a tour of the company both physically and knowledge. You have to familiarize the candidate with the company and solve all your doubts, it is a more important part of the recruitment than you think.

The company must have time to be able to make a good process of effective recruitment, in addition to investing money, the search for the best candidate requires time and money, at least to achieve good results.

Benefits of staying at Hotel Fontabella

Hotel Fontabella offers a balance between the style and privacy of an exclusive hotel within a shopping plaza, cinemas and restaurants. Suites with harmonic, modern and functional designs for the lodging of long and short stays providing quality services to our guests.

The decoration of our suites is inspired by the artisanal richness of Guatemala with textiles, crafts and collection of exclusive paintings by a renowned Guatemalan painter. During your visit to Guatemala for business or pleasure, temporary housing for health, remodeling or varied needs, HF Hotel Fontabella offers three suite designs that adapt to different needs with the advantage of customizing the equipment according to your lodging requirements, achieving the combination of the comforts of your home in a hotel.

We have a variety of services to your disposition:

Meeting room: It will allow you to run a successful and effective meeting. It comes equipped with: Executive table and chairs for 10 people, 70 ”Led Screen, High speed internet connection, Coffee, Water, HDMI connections.

Gym and sauna: A special area where you can release your stress and take care of your health. With cardio machines, weight area, Sauna Combined, dry, Finnish, wet, Turkish, Russian.

Additional services: 24 hour concierge service, Wake up call service, Coordination of tours to tourist places *, Coin washer and dryer service, Housekeeper service at set times, Basement parking space in Plaza Fontabella, Coordination of private transport from Airport-Hotel-Airport *, Room Service service of restaurants located within Plaza Fontabella

You can also choose the suite that best fit your needs between:

Lofts: Elegant and spacious Loft suite with double height design.The suite has a room arranged in the second level area with a king size bed and walking closet.

Premium: Comfortable suites with large spaces with terraces and balconies overlooking the surroundings of zone 10, Zona Viva of Guatemala City. Depending on your accommodation needs, we offer you suites with one King or two Queen beds.

Dluxe: Spacious and elegant suites with double height designs which have at their disposal the functionality of fresh and comfortable noise-free spaces. The suite has two rooms arranged on the first and second level, the main room is equipped with a king size bed and the secondary one has two queen beds or one king size bed.

We offer you the best services and areas for you to enjoy your stay and spend a great time at Guatemala. Book now!