Art of negotiation

Many people do not understand the art of negotiating, even good sellers. This is because few take the necessary time to understand the word and follow the golden rules of negotiation.

So you should get rid of the idea that negotiating means getting a better price. A lower price does not make it a better deal; It just makes you spend less. Your goal should be to reach an agreement on a proposal, and the way to do this is to build value in your offer. The solution for your product or service is the focal point of your negotiations, not the price.

To become a good negotiator, we share these three rules that you must apply when addressing your counterpart:

1. Always start negotiations
You must start this process since the one who controls the beginning of the negotiation is usually the one who controls the outcome. If you let the other party begin, you will be constantly relinquishing control, even without realizing it.

2. Always negotiate in writing
Negotiating first and then creating the document adds unnecessary time to the transaction. If you make the document while negotiating, then you are prepared to ask for the signature at the precise moment a decision is made.

3. Always stay relaxed
The negotiating table can be full of agendas, emotions and egos. The big negotiators know how to stay relaxed – regardless of the situation – by providing leadership and solutions, while the rest of the people immerse themselves too much in feelings and personal interests.