What is rebranding?

The brands have an image that coincides with the moment in which it is created, the trends, shapes, colors of the moment of creation and, therefore, are becoming obsolete due to the changes of social and business aesthetics.

Refreshing a brand is a key and complicated decision for a company that is usually made to adapt to new times and the natural evolution of the business within social changes.

Rebranding are the communication and design actions necessary to change the logo, typography, communication strategy, way of dialogue in social networks, advertising messages in order to better position the company, its products or services. The company pursues with the refreshment of the brand, packaging, messages, etc … be perceived in the best way. It is not necessary to change the name (naming) of the brand.

Many will ask when it is time to undertake a rebranding and the answer is whether the brand has lost the momentum that differentiation offers, if reputation is deteriorating among consumers, if other brands in the same category gain market share and Our company’s stagnates.

Source: http://diferenciarseomorir.blogspot.com/2015/09/que-es-refrescar-una-marca-o-hacer.html