Jobs Of The Future

With the arrival of new technologies, higher education needs to rethink its foundations in order to move forward, transform and evolve. With the new year new labor trends arrive that can affect not only the way of working, but also the possibilities offered by university careers and the skills required in students.

1. Specialist in digital banking and cryptocurrencies

Specialist in digital banking and cryptocurrencies. Electronic transactions and the growth of operations with digital currencies that, at the moment work illegally, will require a new generation of experts.

These professionals will have to be specialists in technology, as well as understand in detail how banking and the financial system works in the digital world.

2. Data Hosting Specialist

People, businesses, hospitals and all kinds of institutions increasingly need people with knowledge about privacy and security to protect and manage data. Therefore, it will be increasingly necessary to have such experts.

3. Food Engineering Specialist

The population continues to grow, so it is necessary to see to what extent new possibilities can be developed to feed it.

Food engineering is about the transformation and processing of raw materials intended for human consumption and the innovation of products with a longer shelf life, based on chemical, biological and physical phenomena. For example, professionals will be needed to ensure the preservation of food longer without losing its nutritional value.

4. Especialista en privacidad

Tanto en el futuro como en el presente se necesitan profesionales capaces de impedir que los mensajes enviados por teléfono o una cuenta bancaria sean hackeadas, con lo cual será útil formarse en ciberseguridad.

5. Specialists in crowdfunding campaigns

Micro financing processes have become popular to raise money for all types of causes and projects. However, not everyone knows how to organize a business strategy or work with promotional texts and videos for social networks for a campaign to succeed, so more and more specialists in this area will be needed.