How to boost your brand with influence marketing?

A marketing technique that consists of identifying opinion leaders who can help a brand connect more naturally and spontaneously with its target audience. ” It is a type of upward marketing, through which the companies that carry it out have the objective of impacting their audience differently, without announcing their articles in an intrusive way. For example, through the different profiles in the social networks of the influencers or in their own blogs. 

Therefore, we have to know how to search and detail in our marketing plan what we want people to know about our product, how we want this person to transmit that message and through what platforms we want to be known. An Influence Marketing can be used to launch a new product, to highlight certain features or features of existing products or, for example, to increase brand awareness. Depending on the strategy we previously developed, this type of marketing will be adjusted to it.

On the other hand, we understand as “influencer” those people who have the power to influence or persuade certain population groups through their opinions on brands in blogs, comments or photos on different social networks. 

People passionate about life, with great power of persuasion in the purchase decision of the digital consumer. Your opinions can be positive or negative and, we have to be careful with them. They can become the best ambassador of our brand or our worst enemy.

1. Define your target audience

The use of influencers is useful both for the construction of a brand and to guide the public towards buying. To carry out this strategy you must first know who your target audience is because the influence of the influencer will depend on it.

2. Look for an influencer related to your brand

There are influencers of various themes so you should look for the one that is aligned with the identity of your brand, because its followers are interested in that theme and will be more willing to relate to the product or service to promote.

Ideally, the brand adapts to the content of the influencer and not vice versa; This will make the content organic and credible.

3. Review their social media metrics

An influencer’s metrics are relevant because they reveal the level of commitment that exists between him and his audience. Knowing its metrics you will know if it has the ability to influence its followers and help position a brand.

It is not necessary to have a macroinfluencer or a celebrity to be able to succeed in a campaign. A microinfluencer, with a committed audience, can also help position brands.

4. Validate their reputation

A very important aspect to consider is the reputation of the influencer, by allying with one of them, it becomes part of the image of your brand and therefore, their actions can benefit or damage the reputation of your brand.

Ideally, review the content of an influencer before hiring it and then follow up to ensure that it does not generate content or be involved in unwanted issues for the brand.