Importance of Organizational Climate

Organisation climate is one of the important indicators which affect on business goals achieving by an organization. It means that employees more productive in organisation with better organisation climate! That why it is very, very, very important!  It is a set of properties of the work environment, perceived directly or indirectly by the employees, that is assumed to be a major force in influencing employee behavior.

Unfortunately there are many organisations which don’t care about organisation climate, employees’ satisfaction, as fact they are “employers of cash” and people work only for money and wish to leave anytime! Employees don’t care about organisations results, theirs engagement with organisation and effectiveness to low, turnover in such organisation high, very often there is no carrier development, training and team building in such organisations. 

There are still many companies that are unaware of the existing tools to measure the work environment. This measurement being the first step to have a productive work team and committed to the strategy of the organization.

By measuring the work environment, companies are able to know the perceptions that employees have about both physical and emotional conditions in which they carry out their work. In this way, areas of improvement are identified that allow to create a positive and integral work environment.

Measuring tools


The direct observation is that the boss realizes how employees work to identify aspects in the work environment that generate discontent among employees. Despite its ease, it is a tool that is neither precise nor objective and that demands a great deal of time.

Focus groups

Focus groups are a very common way of measuring the work environment. This is a talk with a group of 6 to 12 participants to whom a moderator asks questions about specific aspects of the organization. The great challenge in using this tool is to achieve an environment of trust for employees to speak openly.


Interviews can be individual or group and should focus on more specific aspects of the company. Exit interviews are a good alternative to know a sincere perception about working conditions. In addition, this tool lets you know if there are different organizational climates in a company.


Surveys are very effective in collecting accurate data on the degree of employee satisfaction. In addition, they stand out from the previous tools due to their low margin of error when gathering the sum of the subjective perceptions of human talent, which facilitates the identification of trends and areas of improvement.