5 Tips To Improve Your Productivity

How to increase labor productivity is one of the issues that most concern companies and organizations that want to maximize their investment in personnel. Knowing certain tricks or tips to increase labor productivity can be the key that opens that door to a profitable future professional. 

1. Wake up early 

Start working early is a great technique to make better use of the day. If you are one of the first to arrive at your place of work you can start your day with less distractions (unnecessarily long greetings, inopportune phone calls, among others), which will allow you to concentrate on what you need to do. Certainly, it is difficult to put into practice, but be confident in its effectiveness.

2. Plannification

The best way to take advantage of your work day is to plan it. Dedicate between 20 and 40 minutes a day to this task and, for no reason, think it’s lost time. Quite the opposite: the definition of a good work agenda will allow you to prioritize with certainty and advance on the really important issues.

3. Resting 

When you plan your day, leave some blank spaces to rest. Your body and your mind will need pauses to recover energy.

Rest a few minutes between homework and task, stretch your arms and legs, have a coffee or take a little walk is not a time thief, it is a necessity. Making short breaks during the workday will not only improve your productivity, it will also prevent back pain, headaches, irritation, nervousness, stress. 

4. Have your place of work ordered

Your work space, most likely, has two faces: a real one (your office, the plant, etc.) and a virtual one (your computer). And it is impossible to be efficient if this environment is messy, you can lose tens of minutes looking for a file or that important document that someone left on your desk.

5. Delegate tasks

Those tasks that do not generate profits or that only take time away from somebody from your team or hire outsourcing services. Do not see it as an expense, but as an investment.