How do you build your brand?

Over the years, companies have shown that in many cases, their growth depends heavily on how they take care of their customers.

On several occasions, I have found small companies where it seems that this area is not essential, putting technology, innovation and other aspects before the spearhead to do business. This is not bad at all, but the fundamental thing must be to have a business plan where customer service is excellent and that this makes the presence of your provider indispensable at all times.

Therefore, leaving the customer service strategy on the air becomes very risky.

Here we list 10 basic points by González of the Customer Service and that serves to analyze how our care plans are:

  1. Listen carefully to what your Client needs: It is more important to listen than to propose.
  2. Direct the conversation and support it in all areas, even if it is not yours: Help, cooperation and integration of other activities, so you will know more about your business and you can comment on other points.
  3. Manage your needs and build confidence for this: Become an analyst of your thoughts, and help you manage your needs and how to solve them.
  4. Share information relevant to your brand: The more information about other markets, brands, etc.
  5. Open a good channel of communication: Generate extensive conversations between your Clients, talk about the scope and deliverables, and eye, an email is not enough to start a good conversation.
  6. Have high response capacity, solve problems: This issue is of the utmost importance; the contingency is very common and we must be attentive to solve this at all times.
  7. Do not promise what can not be: By looking good, sometimes we commit ourselves to something that is not possible; Beware this can be counterproductive and make you lose your client’s trust.
  8. Follow-up: A vital issue for the customer service area; Do not forget that you and your client care about the projects and processes. So do not stop persecuting your client’s projects and your brands.
  9. Loyalty of the brand that you represent: The fact that you become the ambassador of the brand you represent is very valuable for your Client, and will generate confidence and tranquility.
  10. Worry about him and his business: Ask, inquire, know his processes thoroughly, ideas, needs, discover what else you can do for him and he will never leave you.

    Do not forget that good service is a good image of who develops it.