1) Use few suppliers

Martín del Campo recommends that at the time of travel you bet on using the least number of providers possible. For example, if the airline offers transportation services, use them; If the hotel has a meeting room, take advantage of them. Investigate if the airline, your company or any service you hire has any kind of alliance or agreement that you can access. Using fewer suppliers will make it easier for you to get better discounts and add points to your loyalty programs.

2) Take advantage of loyalty programs

Many airlines, hotels and credit cards have programs to reward their recurring customers. If possible, always use your services, so you will acquire points or miles that you can use in future trips, even in pleasure. Another tip is that although you are in this type of programs you do not stick to a single option, look for new ways to save at every opportunity.

3) Contact a specialized agency

If you constantly make trips of this kind, it is best to hire the services of an agency that knows the sector perfectly. They can help you plan your trip, get discounts and special offers, as well as facilitate your stay in the place you visit.

4) Plan ahead

Even though most business trips are quick and arise from one moment to the next, avoid leaving everything at the end. This will only motivate the rates to be raised, flights are filled and you do not get reservations in the hotels you expected. In addition to finding a better price, you ensure your trip and stay. Find out that the hotel is located near the meeting place, in this way you will reduce transportation expenses.

5) Define your goals

Before making any trip, state what are the reasons why you are traveling and what benefits you expect to obtain for your company. This should always have one or more specific goals, otherwise it represents only a useless expense for your company.