Carlos Slim’s success has been the product of business ingenuity and discipline. These are 10 tips to manage your company:

1.- Have simple structures and organizations with minimum hierarchical levels, with human development and internal training of executive functions. Have flexibility and speed in decisions. Operate with the advantages of the small company, which are what make big companies big.

2.- Keep the austerity in times of fat cows. This strengthens, capitalizes and accelerates the development of the company. Also, avoid the bitter adjustments in times of crisis.

3.- To be always active in the modernization, growth, training, quality, simplification and tireless improvement of the productive processes. Increase productivity, competitiveness, reduce costs and costs always guided by the highest global references.

4.- The company should never be limited to the measure of the owner or administrator. Do not feel great in our little corralitos.

5.- Work as a team. There is no challenge that we can not achieve by working together, clearly in the objectives and with knowledge of the instruments to achieve them.

6.- The money that leaves the company evaporates. That’s why we reinvest profits.

7.- Business creativity is not only applicable to businesses. It is also the solution to many of the problems of our countries. It is what we do through the foundations of the group.

8.- Firm and patient optimism always pays off. This, explains Slim Helú, inherited from his father.

9.- All times are good for those who know how to work and have what to do.

10.- Its premise, he explains, is to keep in mind that people leave with nothing; for him things can only be done in life and considers the entrepreneur as a creator of wealth, which he manages temporarily.