A very important decision, after having chosen the product you will sell, is the geographical place where you will offer it. Your choice of this site can mean the success or failure of your business.

Among your peers and colleagues, it is very common to hear the phrase “this place is salty” -or some similar-. Comments of this type arise in front of places where they have sold from ice cream to baby clothes and none with success. Is it that the place has bad luck ?, or that we do not worry about choosing the most appropriate location.

Only the combination of a good location, a great product or service, a first class service and the right price will make it possible for your business to achieve success in a more accurate way.

Choosing the optimal location depends on a number of factors that define your business. You must perform an analysis of the location needs starting from the product or service.

– The turn is essential

Remember that the perfect place does not exist. Each business requires a different type of location. If you want your customers to visit your company, visibility and easy access should be the two most important aspects that help you determine the correct location.

However, if you offer services that you perform in your clients’ home or office, then being close to the main avenues, having a parking space and storage space, should be the most important conditions to choose a good location.

– Analyze according to competence

You must take into account the competition, if you intend to place a business with the same type of product or service as the businesses in the area, prepare for a big headache. Therefore, analyze the environment according to this factor is essential to highlight. The main thing is to try not to sit right in front of you to compete more directly.

– Look at your consumer

When we choose which product we are going to sell, we also choose who we are going to sell it to. But identify that who goes beyond simply determining the sex or age of our future client. Who is really knowing what is it? What does it do ?, and often even, how does our client think?

Once our client is as well known as a friend, we should know where it would be best to acquire our product.

– Make your client’s task easy:

When you think about choosing a location, it is very important to know where your customers are. Everyone prefers the easy rather than the difficult. If the business is close to the customers, the product can be acquired without much effort and you will ensure that they return.

But if buying it represents courage or waste time, the consumer will look for another product in another location that provides more comfort.

– Consider the type of area:

An aspect of a more bureaucratic nature, but just as essential, is to gather information about the type of commercial area in which you intend to install. In the case of the capital of the country, the Government of the Federal District establishes the commercial areas of all the delegations.

There are zones assigned for certain commercial items, for example, in certain avenues or streets of the city, the sale of certain products is prohibited.

For example, there are certain areas of the city and residential areas, where it is strictly prohibited to open shops or offices.

There are other areas in which land use change can be processed, because they are in transition. It is important to know the above because we can save many disappointments and setbacks with it.