Large companies were not always the result of large investments. Many were born in a garage without any budget, but they made a difference for their perseverance and innovation. Learn about the history of 5 companies that started from scratch.

Many large companies that succeed in the market today and obtain the highest profit rates had a complicated start. Companies like Apple and Coca-Cola are 5 of the most innovative companies that started with very few assets. Here’s your success stories:

1.- Apple.- This great company started in the house of its founder, Steve Jobs, in 1976. Jobs, along with Steve Wosniak, developed 30 computers by hand. Nowadays it is one of the most recognized companies in the world, and it is considered the most innovative in terms of technology.

2. Coca Cola. – At the beginning Coca-Cola was only a product that was sold in pharmacies, nobody gave a penny for the company, in fact during its first year in the market the company sold only 400 bottles. Today one of its strategies is to invest 40% of its profits in advertising and promotion.

3. Google.- In 1998, when it was founded by Larr Page and Sergei Brin, nobody imagined how far the company could go. Today, the search engine is a company that offers software services of the highest level and extended to products such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google+. Now its founders venture into sectors such as artificial intelligence and medicine.

4. Amazon.- It started activities in 1994 as a business selling online books. The first book he sold was in 1995 from a computer in the house of Jeff Bezos, the founder. Amazon today is considered to be the most recognized and largest online store on the internet.

5. Uber.- Travis Kalanick has ventured into various ventures since the late nineties. For that reason he is known as “a serial entrepreneur”. But all that experience led him to start Uber, the company that connects consumers with taxi services via mobile devices.