All social networks are different. That’s why you should keep in mind the characteristics of each one and the behavior of its users. Generate community and potential customers, communicate immediately, awaken sensations with a photo and meet professional contacts are the contribution of Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn.


Facebook defines itself as “a tool that gives people the power to build community and get closer to the world”. It has 2 billion users and its service offer is quite broad.

At the business level, this network has its Facebook Business line, with which it is possible to manage advertising accounts and pages of a business project. But, to manage a large group of ads and clients, you have to take the first step; for that reason, Facebook offers a free service of creation of pages in that social network.


Another network that can help you in your business is Twitter. “Twitter is the place where people connect with what they are passionate about, share opinions and find out what is happening in the world. And, just because they enter Twitter with the intention of discovering things, they are willing to interact with new companies “: this is how the network defines itself on its official website. And like Facebook, Twitter has a business line so that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs can boost their business.

Twitter is built on the concept of virtual conversation. We can converse with the brands and users that we want through short publications. This type of interaction allows us to keep updated on what is happening. “Twitter gives you access to what happens in your industry, in your community and around the world. Use the searches on Twitter to hear the relevant conversations that are being developed and participate in those in which you can contribute something useful, “says the official site.


Another advantage of Twitter is the opportunity to provide timely customer service. Currently, companies have adopted this network as a channel of attention to their customers, and there are even some that have departments responsible for managing through Twitter any type of crisis that the company lives.

Sometimes, it is easier for users to ask a question, complaint or grievance (PQR) through this network, instead of calling the hotline or going to an office. According to a study conducted by Twitter, 85 percent of followers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on Twitter give importance to the fact that companies offer customer service on that platform.

Twitter can also help you with the creation of databases and the connection with potential clients. “Twitter allows you to follow people who are outside your personal network and interact with them. That’s a great way to participate or even start conversations with influential people and industry experts so you can raise the profile of your company and establish valuable connections. ”


This social network has a special behavior, due to the immediacy and short duration of a publication on the home page of each user. The limit in each publication, called tweet, is 140 characters (it is in the process of being extended to 280). A tweet is a message posted on Twitter that can include text, photos, links and videos.

With each tweet there are several options. The first is to respond, defined by Twitter as a good practice with followers, since, “when you answer a tweet, you can show that you are paying attention and that you offer useful answers.” Also, if you are mentioned in some interesting content or you see a publication that may be useful in your business profile, you can give it retweet (something like resending a message to your followers). You can also quote it in case you want to add your own content.

As in Facebook, Twitter allows you to ‘like’ publications; This option can also be used as a bookmark if you want to easily find a tweet again. You just have to press the heart icon to indicate that you like a tweet and so that its author sees that you liked it.


Two other options are tags (or hashtags) and mentions. Tags are words or phrases written without spaces, which go with a # at the beginning. For example: #New Technology. If a label is attractive and viral enough, it will become a trend, and users will see it in the left bar (Trends); that allows more people to know which topics are hot for them to join or not to that label with some own publication.

As for mentions, you can call the attention of a brand or a person: you should only mention the name with which it appears on Twitter, accompanied by a @ at the beginning.


Now let’s talk about the image, literally, of a company. Here is when Instagram appears as the favorite social network of those who apply the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Instagram has been owned by Facebook for several years, and since Mark Zuckerberg’s company acquired the concept of interaction with images and videos was completely transformed.

The idea on Instagram is to take a photo, edit it to give it a better look-depending on what is required-and then upload it. Although the process seems simple, expressing the right message in an image is not always easy.


This network can be used to publicize a company or a person, to arouse interest in potential customers, to increase sales of products or to increase the number of people who visit our website or a physical store.

Instagram, which also offers a business line, has quite striking figures for those who want to undertake a marketing strategy. According to the official Instagram Business page, more than 700 million people use the network monthly, 80 percent of Instagram users follow a company on this platform and more than 250 million people use the ‘stories’ (short videos inside the platform) daily.


Videos, stories and photographs are the content that can be added to an Instagram business profile. If you are looking for an expectation, you can make a short video in stories, where the content is deleted 24 hours after its publication. If you want to share multimedia content, you can do so by posting videos that do not exceed one minute. And if you want to publish a photograph, you can take it directly from the application or upload it from the gallery of the mobile device, edit it with filters and publish it.

For the content to have greater effect, it must be accompanied by an effective description. There you can use mentions and labels, similar to Twitter. In the case of mentions, only the @name of the account is enough. In the tags, the social network will show you the options with greater reach. Then your followers can give ‘like’ in the form of heart, comment or send by private messages to other users.


If you want to monitor the behavior of a publication, Instagram gives you statistics in real time, with data such as: number of ‘likes’, comments, times it was saved, impressions, reach and interaction. To see the general behavior of the account, you can enter the statistics (look for four bars located at the top right of the account profile). There are indicated data such as: number of followers, publications, percentage of men and women among the public, average ages, cities where most see the content and hours in which our followers are more active.

All these figures will help you optimize your marketing strategies, the type of content to publish and define the optimal language to generate empathy. Remember that on Instagram everything revolves around the image, so think carefully about how you will take the photograph, what filter you will apply and with what text you will accompany it.


LinkedIn is the most important network for professionals in the world. The portal AboutEspañ defines LinkedIn as one of the social networks that allows the creation of a professional profile, which may include, among other details, the work experience of the person who created it.

It can be said that LinkedIn is the most accurate network to create contacts and communities at the business level. When creating a business or professional profile, the user can know what happens in the companies of their interest, discover job opportunities and connect with employees, suppliers and even with the competition in their market.

Its interface is quite simple. This network allows you to create the profile of the company or professional, has a system of internal messages and notifications, and allows you to add all the work experience and studies of the person. An added value is the user skills panel, which can be validated by the contacts in your network. This function allows, if the user is applying to a job offer, the company can validate the skills that one described in the resume.