The good work environment is the first step to achieve it. It is about having a professional but relaxed workplace, in which employees can work and also relax at other times. Fun and humor improve collaboration and the work climate .

The objective is to turn the tables around, make Mondays become the new Fridays and people come to the office with another attitude. A good work environment prevents employees from wishing that the time of departure or the weekend arrives. On the contrary, they feel comfortable in their workplace and surrounded by colleagues and friends.

The result of this environment is an improvement in productivity , as well as the brand image. Your company will become a place where employees of other organizations want to go . But for that, in addition to the good atmosphere, you always have to cover some minimums.

And this goes through a review of salary and bonus . For very good environment there is if you can not get to the end of the month, the slab that falls on the worker, covers everything else. Also an improvement in security, there is no use for a good environment if there are accidents at work with certain frequency.



But the company must go further. Not only deal with employees during working hours, but also worry about their emotional well-being . Putting at your disposal therapists who help them with their problems, to manage stress situations is an example. Also create rooms or meditation sessions in the company, where you can relax and reset in a moment of tension.

If you want to improve the company’s productivity and brand image by improving the health of your company, you can download the free ebook “Tips to keep a healthy company”. A good bet to reduce stress levels is to have a work  -life balance policy . The company can offer tools to its employees to promote mobility or teleworking . It can also be improved with organizational issues such as the intensive day or create a bank of hours for employees to use when they need.

Another good measure is to boost the emotional salary . More and more employees are interested in non-monetary issues, such as a career plan that guarantees their professional development, more vacation days or a training plan . They know that their company gives them more than the payroll that reaches them at the end of the month.

An example is to allow time to develop personal projects . This practice has been practicing Google for a long time with great results. On the one hand, employees felt more fulfilled and committed to the company. On the other hand, some of these projects have been very profitable, more than offsetting the hours invested in all of them.


Finally, a healthy company has to open up to the community. It is about sharing values ​​and making their social causes of concern to the society in which they are immersed. In this way, this organization goes beyond the physical limits of its office or its employees.

Are basic aspects such as environmental care and energy saving . Making a sustainable company is the goal of many organizations. But it is not easy to get a healthy company and it is necessary to establish a plan, set objectives and review them constantly to achieve them.